EMW Gold Quest
Sunday March 22nd, 2009
Dolphin Stadium
Miami, Florida

In the ring, EMW Ring Announcer Gary Michael Cappetta introduced Sick Puppies who performed “Street Fighter (War)” as events that happened from the past month in EMW are played on Extreme-Vision. After the performance, Sic Puppies left and the pyro shoots up from the ring and above Extreme-Vision as Sick Puppies’ “Street Fighter (War)” is played in the background as from the broadcast booth at ringside, Michael Buffer & Tony Stark welcomed everyone to the show.

Buffer: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to EMW Gold Quest as we are LIVE! From the sold out Dolphin Stadium in Miami, Florida. I’m Michael Buffer alongside Tony Stark at ringside and tonight we got 5 big championship matches including the main event, Al Bundy defends the World title against Terrell Owens in 3 Stages of Hell.

Stark: That’s right! Two of EMW top superstars go to battle in a series of matches that are brutal as they are intense and a feud that has been heated for quite some time. This should be a brutal contest.

Buffer: Don’t forget about the First Blood Match for the Internet Championship between “The Day Walker” Blade and 50 Cent.

Stark: 50 Cent is heading to the ring against a revenge driven and determined Blade. This match is for more than the Internet title. Someone’s career could be in jeopardy in this match!

Buffer: All that and so much more but let’s go to Gary Michael Capetta for the introductions for tonight’s first match!

Derek Jeter & Michael Jordan with Brooke Adams def. EMW World Tag Team Champions Code Monkeys (Dave & Jerry) via pinfall when Jeter pinned Jerry after the World Series Slam to become the NEW EMW World Tag Team Champions.

In the back, EMW World Heavyweight Champion Al Bundy, Kelly Bundy and Bud Bundy arrive to the arena from the parking lot.

In the back, Torrie Wilson interviews one half of the EMW Women’s Tag Team Champions Morgan Webb who has both Women’s Tag Team title belts.

Torrie: I’m here with one half of the EMW Women’s Tag Team Champions Team G4 member, Morgan Webb. Morgan, the Women’s Tag Team Championship match is up next and there is still no sign of your partner Olivia Munn here tonight. So what happens now?!

Morgan: Torrie, just this morning, I was on the phone with Olivia and she told me she couldn’t make it tonight but will be at ShowTime this Wednesday. I know that the fans want a Women’s Tag Team title defense so Olivia and I talked it over and then I went to Theo Clardy’s office and her agreed for me to have a partner to defend the titles with me for one night only.

Torrie: Might I ask who your partner is?!

Then Blaze Fielding arrived and shook Morgan’s hand as she presented Blaze with the other half of the Women’s Tag Team Championship.

Blaze: Does that answer your question, Torrie?!

Blaze Fielding and Morgan Webb then make their way to the ring as Torrie looked on.

EMW Women’s Tag Team Champions Team G4 member Morgan Webb & “Ms. Money In The Bank” Blaze Fielding (replacing Olivia Munn for the night) def. The Rock Starz (Ashley Massaro & Tila Tequila) via pinfall when Blaze Fielding pinned Tila Tequila after the Blaze Of Glory Frog Splash.

In the back, Torrie Wilson interviewed Terrell Owens with Brooke Adams.

Torrie: Ladies and gentlemen, joining me at this time is the #1 Contender for the EMW World Heavyweight Championship, Terrell Owens! Terrell, tonight you have a chance to become the EMW World Heavyweight Champion once again as you take on Al Bundy in a Three Stages of Hell match. After what you did on ShowTime last week, do you believe that you have the psychological advantage heading into this match?!

Owens: Torrie, what happened last Friday was a sign of what’s to come. When Bundy won the World title at MegaBrawl 2, it was luck! Tonight, Al Bundy’s luck will run out and his joke of a title reign will end. At the contract signing, you said that your life has always been a living hell. Tonight, I’m going to put you through your personal hell in one night that will make the devil cringe in terror. Tonight, Al Bundy will know why Terrell Owens is the best EMW has ever produced and will become the EMW World Heavyweight Champion once again!

“Angry Video Game Nerd” James Rolfe def. Jules Winnfield via pinfall after the Codebreaker after escaping Winnfield’s attempt at the Inglewood Jack.

A video package airs highlighting the events between Kelly Bundy & Gina Carano leading into tonight’s match.

Gina Carano def. Kelly Bundy via knockout with the Triangle Choke as Kelly Bundy passed out from the pain. After the match, Gina Carano refused to let go of the hold until Officials arrived and convince Carano to release the hold. Carano then left the ring smiling at what she had accomplished as officials checked on Kelly Bundy.

In the back, Torrie Wilson is near the Women’s locker room door and we see EMTs and Carmen Electra tend to a knocked out Jessica Alba.

Torrie: Ladies and gentlemen, during the match between Kelly Bundy & “Gina Carano, EMTs quickly went to the Women’s locker room after an unknown source said that she saw Jessica Alba knocked out and the last women that were seen leaving the locker room were the dWo.

Eddie Murphy & Tommy Vercetti def. Tony Montana & Niko Bellic in a Extreme Rules Match via pinfall when Murphy pinned Bellic after the Beverly Hills Crusher onto the steel chair.

In the back, Torrie Wilson interviewed Carmen Electra about the condition of Jessica Alba.

Torrie: Carmen, I know that up next you were scheduled to team up with Jessica Alba to take on the dWo’s Lindsay Lohan & Jessica Simpson but you found out that your partner is knocked out and do you have an update on the condition of Jessica Alba.

Carmen: Torrie, I would love to tell you that Jessica is a fighter and she’ll be on my side to face the dWo tonight but from what I heard from the doctor, that’s not the case. From what I know, she’s being sent to a nearby hospital and will not compete for our match tonight. But if the dWo thinks that I’m going to be worried that I’ll be outnumbered tonight, they are dead wrong. Eventhough Jessica’s not going to be here physically, she’s here in spirit and tonight, I’m going to kick some dWo ass! Jess, tonight this is for you!

Carmen Electra def. Lindsay Lohan & Jessica Simpson with EMW Women’s Champion Britney Spears in a handicap match via disqualification after Jessica Alba (who appeared with a bandage wrapped around her head) head toward the ring and got tagged in by Carmen, only for Alba TO TURN ON CARMEN AND HIT HER WITH THE DARK ANGEL WINGS! After the match, Alba continues to attack Electra. Spears, Lohan and Simpson congratulated Alb for her work as Alba took of her bandage to reveal that she wasn’t really hurt. Alba then hugged Spears and Lohan but after she hugged Simpson, ALBA HITS SIMPSON WITH THE DARK ANGEL’S WINGS! Lohan and Spears looked on in shock and then confronted Alba but then Lohan and Spears stomps on Simpson and Alba joined in. Afterwards, Spears handed Alba a dWo t-shirt and Alba puts on the shirt and then the new dWo walked out of the ring and celebrated on the entrance ramp.

On Extreme-Vision, a commercial played promoting EMW Vicious Intent sponsored by Pepsi. Vicious Intent will take place Sunday April 19th, 2009 from Ford Field in Detroit, Michigan. In the commercial, it promotes that the EMW World Heavyweight Championship will be defended in a Hell’s Playground Match.

The Street Fighters (Ken Masters & Ryu Hoshi) won a 4 Team Gauntlet Match which include Jay & Silent Bob, Winchester Brothers (Dean & Sam Winchester) and Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch to become the #1 Contenders for the EMW World Tag Team Championship.
Order Of Entry:
1. Jay & Silent Bob
2. The Winchester Brothers
3. Street Fighters
4. Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch
Order Of Elimination:
-- Jay & Silent Bob def. Winchester Brothers via pinfall when Silent Bob pinned Dean Winchester after the Bluntman Bomb.
-- Street Fighters def. Jay & Silent Bob via pinfall when Ken Masters pinned Jay after the Buzzsaw Kick.
-- Street Fighters def. Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch via pinfall when Ryu Hoshi pinned Trevor Murdoch after the Hadoken 450 Splash.

In the back, a split screen is shown of Al Bundy and Terrell Owens in their respective locker rooms preparing for the 3 Stages Of Hell Match later tonight for the EMW World Heavyweight Championship.

EMW Women’s Champion Britney Spears def. Christina Aguilera, Phoenix and Emma Frost in a Fatal Four Way Match via pinfall when Britney Spears pinned Christina Aguilera after the Womanizer. After the match, “Walk” by Kilgore hits and Blaze Fielding arrived and looks to cash in her Money In The Bank but decides not to and told Britney, “It’s not time yet!” Blaze then leaves as Britney looks on concerned.

A video package airs highlighting the events between Blade & 50 Cent leading into tonight’s match.

EMW Internet Champion Blade def. 50 Cent in a First Blood Match after Blade hits 50 Cent with a one man conchairto which lead 50 Cent busted open. After the match, Blade continues to bash 50 Cent in the head over and over again until Abigail Whistler ran in and convince Blade to stop. Blade and Whistler leave the ring and head to the back as EMTs ran in to check on 50 Cent.

A video package airs highlighting the feud between Al Bundy and Terrell Owens that leads to tonight’s EMW World Heavyweight Championship 3 Stages Of Hell Match.

EMW World Heavyweight Champion Al Bundy def. Terrell Owens in a 3 Stages Of Hell Match 2-1 to retain the EMW World Heavyweight Championship.

Order Of The Falls:
1st Fall: Terrell Owens def. Al Bundy in a Tables Match when Owens superplexed Bundy through the table.
2nd Fall: Al Bundy def. Terrell Owens in a Hell In A Cell Match via pinfall after the Bundy Slam through the roof of the cell.
3rd Fall: Al Bundy def. Terrell Owens in a Ladder Match via decision. During the match, both Owens and Bundy battled at the top of the ladder. Brooke Adams arrived and held onto Bundy’s left leg but Bundy knocked her off and sent Brooke through the ropes and out of the ring. Both Owens and Bundy have the title belt and Owens tried to hit Bundy with the end part of the belt but Bundy dodged in and Bundy then poked Owens in the eye then pulled the belt down and then hits Owens in the head with the belt and Owens fell off the ladder and to the mat. After the match, Bundy celebrated the win as the show comes to a close.

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