EMW MegaBrawl 2
Sunday December 21st, 2008
Tokyo “Egg” Dome
Tokyo, Japan

The show opened with a pre-taped segment that features the cameras zooming around Downtown Tokyo, Japan and then we see a shot outside of the legendary Tokyo “Egg” Dome and EMW Owner Theo Clardy arrived standing in front of camera view with the Tokyo Dome behind him.

Clardy: LIVE! From the legendary Tokyo “Egg” Dome in Tokyo, Japan, Extreme Madness Wrestling is proud to present EMW MegaBrawl 2!

Ring announcer Michael Buffer introduced Saliva who performed “Family Reunion” as footage from the past several weeks in EMW played on Extreme-Vision.

From the broadcast booth at ringside, Wade Needham and Bobby Spade welcomed everyone to EMW MegaBrawl 2.

Wade: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to EMW’s most anticipated event, welcome to EMW MegaBrawl 2 and usually me and Bobby would announce where we are on this historic night, but I think this honor will be left to the man that made it all possible. Ladies and gentlemen, the owner of Extreme Madness Wrestling, Theo Clardy!

Theo Clardy arrived on the entrance stage with microphone in hand.

Clardy: Ladies and gentlemen, we are LIVE! at the legendary Tokyo Egg Dome in beautiful Tokyo, Japan!

The crowd explodes with a huge ovation before Theo continues.

Clardy: Throughout the past couple of weeks, we had been on a huge international tour that spans from Canada to Australia to England and now we conclude the international tour by having the biggest event in EMW’s history to happen in Tokyo, Japan. Throughout the weekend, EMW Superstars and staff have witnessed the sights and sounds of this beautiful country and we have been honored to be here tonight and we will present to the fans here in Tokyo and to the fans that are watching in the United States and all over the world, the great EMW action you have come to expect. Thank you all for having us and Tokyo let me hear ya!

The crowd exploded with cheers once again as Theo leaves to the back and we go back to Wade & Spade from the broadcast booth.

Wade: Well, Theo is right on the money with that and Bobby we got an all-star card for tonight and a blockbuster Triple Main Event.

Spade: You got that right; we have the EMW World Heavyweight title on the line as Jules Winnfield defends the gold against Barry Bonds. Plus, the EMW Women’s title is on the line as Lara Croft takes on the legendary Trish Stratus and in what can be described as one of the most anticipated matches in EMW’s history, the first ever EMW World Heavyweight Champion “The Day Walker Blade takes on the first ever Slam n’ Jam World Heavyweight Champion, Eddie Murphy and that’s only three of the matches in tonight’s packed card, Wade!

Wade: Yeah, don’t forget about the Money in the Bank Ladder matches that featured some of the top stars in EMW. But right now, let’s go to ring announcer Michael Buffer for the introductions to the first match of the night.

EMW World Tag Team Champions Friday (Craig Jones & Smokey) with Day-Day def. Tony Montana & “The Masterpiece” Chris Masters via pinfall when Craig Jones pinned Chris Masters after the Powerbomb. Before the match, as Friday was introduced, they brought Day-Day to accompany them to the ring. Day-Day was showing the tape on his ribs after Tony Montana hits Day-Day’s ribs with a baseball bat as Chris Masters had Day-Day in the Masterlock in a parking lot after a local autograph signing at Virgin Megastore a couple of weeks ago.

On Extreme-Vision, a pre-recorded segment featured The Vampire Slayers, Jessica Alba and Veronica Mars toured the Rainbow Bridge before sundown. Buffy said that the site of the Rainbow Bridge at sundown is a beautiful site and it’s one of the most wonderful things she has ever seen.

In the back, Torrie Wilson interviewed EMW World Tag Team Champions Friday and Day-Day.

Torrie: Well guys, we were expecting some big surprises tonight but I guess that the surprises are here early as Day-Day returns for the first time since he was attacked a couple of weeks ago.

Day-Day: Torrie, you know that I wouldn’t miss this for the entire world. As for that muscle-bound jackass and that Cuban piece of trash. You just found out that you don’t mess with me, Craig or Smokey and now we still have the gold and you don’t!

Craig: It’s just like this, fellas. You keep setting them up and we will knock them down. These titles ain’t going nowhere because we are going to hang onto these belts for a long, long time!


A music video package was shown of the events leading to the Last Comic Standing match, which spanned from Dave Chappelle & Carlos Mencia winning the EMW World Tag Team titles at Extreme Homecoming to them losing the belts to Friday at November Pain to their split-up at a couple of weeks ago on EMW ShowTime to the announcement of the Last Comic Standing Match last week on EMW ShowTime.

Carlos Mencia def. Dave Chappelle in a Last Comic Standing Match after Mencia folds a steel chair over Chappelle’s neck and then Mencia jumped onto the chair, closing it over Chappelle’s throat. After the match, EMTs are attending to Chappelle, who is coughing up blood from the attack. The EMTs put Chappelle on the stretcher and was sent to the ambulance that was waiting outside the ring.

On Extreme-Vision, a commercial aired promoting the Season 3 premiere of EMW ShowTime that will happen Thursday February 5th from the Honda Center in Anaheim, California.

“Fabulous” by Fergie hits as Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt to huge heat from the packed crowd in Japan. Heidi and Spencer then grab microphones and Heidi begins to speak.

Heidi: Now, as everyone knows, we have asked EMW Owner Theo Clardy to be apart of EMW. We even tried e-mailing him multiple times, but our requests have been denied.

Spencer: Now, basically we both know that we are not the most popular people in the world, But my girl has a very successful clothing line and we are apart of one of the top shows on MTV.

Heidi: And just like Paris Hilton, we are idols to the youth of the world. Furthermore…

Suddenly, EMW Owner Theo Clardy arrives on the entrance ramp with microphone in hand.

Clardy: You know, common sense would’ve told you that NO means NO! But since you two are so dense to realize this, you are here once again and once again you two are making complete jackasses of yourselves. Luckily for you, this is the holidays and I’m in a giving mood. Tonight, you two are going to be given a chance to earn a spot in the EMW roster for Season 3. If Spencer can win a match here tonight against a former EMW Superstar that’s making his EMW return for one night only, there is contracts waiting for the both of you so you two can shut up about it.

Heidi: Well we don’t care who, as long as we get in the EMW Roster, my man Spencer can take down anyone that gets in his way.

Clardy: Well, I like your spirit there. So you won’t mind that this match will be under Extreme Rules.

Spencer: Like she said, I don’t care who I face.

Clardy: Okay, don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Suddenly, “Natural Born Killaz” by Dr. Dre & Ice Cube boom through the PA System as New Jack makes his way to the ring to a monster pop as he makes his EMW return as Heidi and Spencer are in complete shock over who they see.

New Jack def. Spencer Pratt with Heidi Montag in an Extreme Rules Match via pinfall after the 187. Throughout the whole match, New Jack dominated by using multiple weapons and then busting Spencer wide open before hitting the 187 for the win.

On Extreme-Vision, a pre-recorded segment featuring Terrell Owens and Brooke Adams touring the Ginza Shopping Area ended with them shown eating dinner at a restaurant.

Carmen Electra def. “Ms. OSN” Blaze Fielding, Lita, Candy Cane, Jessica Alba and Hilary Duff in a Women’s Money in the Bank Match after Carmen threw Blaze Fielding out of the ladder and crashing through a table nest to the ladder then Carmen grabbed the suitcase off the hook. With the win, Carmen Electra earned an EMW Women’s Championship match which is good from now till EMW MegaBrawl 3.

On Extreme-Vision, a pre-recorded segment was shown featuring footage of Al Bundy, Bud Bundy, Stripperella and Lara Croft touring the Imperial Palace Gardens.

In the back, Torrie Wilson tried to interview Britney Spears who was sitting alone in her locker room looking at a picture of her and Christina Aguilera back when they were Mouseketeers.

Torrie: Britney, later tonight, you face your former tag team partner Christina Aguilera and you requested that your match to be no disqualification. I have to ask you why you ask for that stipulation.

Britney: I want to show everyone here this photo.

Britney then showed the photo to the camera.

Britney: Back when we were Mouseketeers, we were the best of friends and then we both became famous later on in our lives. I was getting the press, but she was getting the awards because the critics kept saying that she was more talented than me and sexier than me. Well, that was part of the reason why I breaked down. I was shocked to know that Christina called me to return to EMW and let bygones be bygones and I agreed. But now I’m reminded on one of the reasons I got to that dark section of my life. I ask for no disqualification because I want to get rid of this demon that has been haunting me for quite some time. I’m going to beat Christina tonight, but not until the blood of that BITCH is in my hands and she will be leaving Tokyo in a hospital bed!

Britney then rips up the photo and then had a sinister grin on her face.

EMW International Champion “Angry Video Game Nerd” James Rolfe def. The Rock via pinfall with a schoolboy rollup with Rolfe’s feet on the ropes.

In the back, Torrie Wilson interviewed Trish Stratus before her match against Lara Croft for the EMW Women’s Championship.

Torrie: Trish, coming up next you will have the chance to become the EMW Women’s Champion for the 4th time. However, you are facing a very determined Lara Croft who has proven to be a great champion.

Trish: Torrie, at the first MegaBrawl, I was in the same situation, going after the EMW Women’s Championship and what happened then?! I won the belt in a classic IronWoman Match. Tonight will be no different because history will repeat itself and I will walk out the EMW Women’s Champion for the 4th time. Stratusfaction Guaranteed!

EMW Women’s Champion Lara Croft def. Trish Stratus via pinfall after the second Tomb Raider Drop of the match to retain EMW Women’s Championship. After the match, Stratus took the title from the referee and just looked at the title before handing it to Croft and shaking her hand. Trish then leaves the ring as Croft celebrates her successful title defense.

On Extreme-Vision, a promo airs for EMW Valentine Vengeance LIVE Sunday February 22nd.

The pyro shoots up from the entrance stage and the four corners of the ring as “Do What You Do” by Mudvayne plays in the background as the second half of EMW MegaBrawl 2 is underway.

The Vampire Slayers def. EMW Women’s Tag Team Champions Team G4 and Lindsay Lohan & Jessica Simpson in the Three Team 15 Minute IronTeam Match to become the NEW EMW Women’s Tag Team Champions.

Final Results:
Vampire Slayers scored 3 Falls
Team G4 scored 2 Falls
Lohan/Simpson scored 1 Fall

Order Of Decisions:
-- Vampire Slayers def. Team G4 via pinfall with 9:02 left when Buffy Summers pinned Olivia Munn after the Slayer’s Spike.
-- Lindsay Lohan & Jessica Simpson def. Vampire Slayers via pinfall with 6:22 left when Lohan pinned Faith Lehane after the LiLoKO.
-- Team G4 def. The Vampire Slayers via pinfall with 4:06 left when Morgan Webb pinned Buffy Summers after the X-Play.
-- Vampire Slayers def. Lindsay Lohan & Jessica Simpson via pinfall with 2:01 left when Faith Lehane pinned Jessica Simpson after the Twist Of Faith.
-- Team G4 def. The Vampire Slayers via pinfall with 1:02 left when Olivia Munn pinned Faith Lehane after the AOTC.
-- Vampire Slayers def. Lindsay Lohan & Jessica Simpson via pinfall with 0:02 left when Buffy Summers pinned Jessica Simpson after the Sunnydale DDT. Afterwards Olivia Munn hits the AOTC on Faith Lehane but the match ended right as the referee had the count to two.

In the back, Christina Aguilera is seen walking out of her locker room and was approached by Torrie Wilson.

Torrie: Christina, I just want to ask you for your final thoughts on your match up next and what Britney Spears said earlier.

Christina: Torrie, recently I made the biggest mistake in my life and that is to give that raging egomaniac a second chance. I convince to Theo and to Ari that Britney has changed for the better and they allowed me and Britney to be a tag team. I thought it would be just like old times before the both of us got famous, but you know the old saying, “A true leopard never changes her spots”. Britney claims that she’s a new woman and wants to get rid of me to get the demons out of her life. Britney, if you want to take this demon down, I’m taking your skank ass with me!

Christina then leaves the ring.

Britney Spears def. Christina Aguilera in a no disqualification match via pinfall after Lindsay Lohan ran in and knocked out Christina Aguilera with a lead pipe. After the match, both Britney and Lindsay started to beat up Christina then “Ms. OSN” Blaze Fielding ran in to make the save but then Jessica Simpson ran in and attacked Fielding from behind with another lead pipe. Lindsay and Jessica handed Britney a black T-Shirt then Lindsay and Jessica took off their shirts to reveal dWo on the black t-shirt. Britney puts on the dWo t-shirt as the dWo theme music hits as Britney, Lindsay and Jessica celebrated in the ring.

Wade: The dWo has returned tonight and what will that mean for the other Vixxxens here in EMW?!

In the back, a split screen is shown of EMW World Heavyweight Champion Jules Winnfield and Barry Bonds warming up in their respective locker rooms.

Al Bundy def. Terrell Owens, Bud Bundy, Michael Jordan, Tommy Vercetti and 50 Cent in a Men’s Money in the Bank Match after grabbing the climbing the ladder and grabbing the suitcase to earn an EMW World title match good from today till MegaBrawl 3. In the final moments of the match, Al Bundy and Terrell Owens are brawling on top of the ladder. Owens then tried to hit Bundy with the briefcase but Al dodged it and hits Owens with the briefcase with knocked Owens and got him tied up in the ladder backwards then Bundy grabbed the suitcase for the win.

In the back, a split-screen is shown of Eddie Murphy and Blade making their way to the ring through separate sections backstage.

A video package is shown of the accomplishments of Eddie Murphy back in his careers in Slam n’ Jam and NGW. Then shows highlights of Blade’s accomplishments in EMW.

Eddie Murphy def. Blade via pinfall after the second Beverly Hills Crusher of the match. After the match, Blade gets to his feet and both Murphy and Blade had an intense staredown before both men shook hands and then Blade leaves to the back as Murphy celebrated the win in the ring.

On Extreme-Vision, a promo airs announcing EMW MegaBrawl 3 taking place at the Hyman Memorial Stadium at Vice City on Sunday December 20th, 2009.

A video package is shown of the events leading to Jules Winnfield taking on Barry Bonds for the EMW World Heavyweight Championship with “Family Reunion” by Saliva playing in the background.

Barry Bonds def. EMW World Heavyweight Champion Jules Winnfield via pinfall when Terrell Owens interfered and blinded Winnfield with Brooke Adam’s perfume as Brooke was distracting the referee and then Bonds hits the Grand Slam to become the NEW EMW World Heavyweight Champion. After the match, Bonds got the microphone and speaks.

Bonds: This is an honor to become the EMW World Heavyweight Champion and now I’m going to give the World title to the leader of The Franchise, Terrell Owens!

Barry Bonds then puts the EMW World Heavyweight Championship belt around the waist of Terrell Owens then EMW Owner Theo Clardy arrived on the entrance stage.

Clardy: Now hold on just one minute here. Now isn’t this the pot calling the kettle black. You guys were complaining about how Jules Winnfield won the title from Terrell Owens and now I see this. Well if you think you are getting away with this, then you are dead wrong. First off Terrell Owens is NOT the EMW World Heavyweight Champion and I was going to strip Barry Bonds from the World title but then someone approached me about something and I changed my mind. Because right now, we are going to have another EMW World title match right here and now. First off, if Terrell Owens and Brooke Adams don’t leave to the back immediately, the both of you and the rest of The Franchise are going to be suspended without pay for 1 full year.

Owens and Brooke complained before they eventually left the ring and head to the back.

Clardy: Now as for your match up next, you will face the man that has recently won the Money in the Bank. Your opponent will be AL BUNDY!

“Bad to the Bone” by George Thorogood hits as Al Bundy arrives and hands the Money in the Bank suitcase to Theo Clardy before making his way to the ring.

Al Bundy def. EMW World Heavyweight Champion Barry Bonds via submission with the Ankle lock to become the NEW EMW World Heavyweight Champion. As Bundy was putting the Ankle Lock Submission on Barry Bonds, the rest of The Franchise (Terrell Owens, Michael Jordan and Brooke Adams) was heading to the ring but was cut off by Bud Bundy and Jules Winnfield as they brawled with Jordan and Owens as Brooke Adams looked on. Suddenly, a masked woman attacked Brooke Adams from behind. The masked woman took off her mask to reveal its KELLY BUNDY! Bundy started to beat up Brooke on the entrance stage. Meanwhile, Bonds tried to reach for the ropes, but Al dragged Bonds to the middle of the ring while having the Ankle Lock on then Al goes down to a grapevine Ankle Lock and then Bonds quickly tapped out. After the match, Bud Bundy, Kelly Bundy and Jules Winnfield joined Al Bundy in the ring for the celebration as a huge display of pyro goes off above Extreme-Vision as the show ended with Al Bundy holding up the EMW World Heavyweight title.

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