EMW MegaBrawl presented by Snickers

Saturday December 22nd, 2007

Angel Stadium Of Anaheim

Anaheim, California

From ringside, ring announcer Michael Buffer introduced Chris Brown who performed The Star Spangled Banner.


From ringside, Michael Buffer introduced Jay-Z who performed “Roc Boys (And The Winner Is)” as footage from the whole first year of Extreme Madness Wrestling played on EMWVision behind him including the Lindsay Lohan/Trish Stratus feud, the whole EMW World title picture throughout the season and the champions that was crowned throughout season 2. Additional footage featured Trish Stratus winning the Women’s Title at Barely Legal, Lindsay Lohan’s surprise return and winning the title from Trish at School Daze, The Lohans invasion of Trish Stratus’s house, Lohan retaining the Women’s title against Stratus in Trish’s hometown at November Pain, Lindsay Lohan and Trish Stratus brief run as the Women’s Tag Team Champions, Blade winning the EMW World Heavyweight title at Barely Legal, Tommy Vercetti winning the World title in an Elimination Chamber Match at The Great American Brawl, Al Bundy winning the EMW World Heavyweight title from Vercetti with the assist from Kelly Bundy at Throwdown Royale, Blade winning the Throwdown Royale to earn the EMW World Heavyweight title shot at MegaBrawl, Tommy Vercetti winning back the EMW World Heavyweight Championship from Al Bundy at Throwdown Royale, the controversial ending to the Tommy Vercetti/Al Bundy EMW World title match on the November 27th edition of EMW ShowTime and the announcement of the Triple Threat Match for the EMW World title at MegaBrawl. The final shot featured a split screen of Vercetti, Blade and Bundy.


In the back, EMW Owner Theo Clardy arrived in a hummer limousine. Clardy has a huge smile on his face as he was approached by Joy Giovanni. Clardy said, “Joy Giovanni, this is basically the biggest day of my life. This is what all this hard work all come down to, the biggest event in EMW, MegaBrawl and what a better place to have it than Angel Stadium here in Anaheim, California. The site that has many milestones which includes, Reggie Jackson’s 500th Home Run, one of Nolan Ryan’s many no-hitters, the Angels winning the World Series backing 2002 ad now tonight, it’s the location of the first ever MegaBrawl. Tonight, the EMW Superstars and Vixxxens are going to showcase their talents to the best of their abilities for the great EMW fans.” Just when Theo was about to continue another limousine pulled up next to Theo’s limo and out came NGW CEO Fredrick James Francis. Both men shook hands and Fredrick wished Theo the best of luck on tonight’s show before leaving.


From the broadcast booth, Wade Needham and Bobby Spade welcomed everyone to the biggest event in EMW history, EMW MegaBrawl. Needham reminded everyone that this show marks the Season 1 Finale of EMW and it’s the biggest event of the year for EMW, “…for the non-believers there, listen to this: EMW Women’s Champion Lindsay Lohan vs. Trish Stratus in a 60 Minute IronWoman Match, Money In The Bank Ladder Match and a Triple Threat Match for the EMW World Heavyweight title between Tommy Vercetti, Al Bundy and Blade…And that’s only the main events for the show.” Bobby Spade said, “Don’t forget, Foo Fighters are performing and we may be in line for some big time surprises tonight as well!” Wade and Spade previewed the entire card and then introduced Michael Buffer.


Bruce Lee & Rocky Balboa won the 6 Team Battle Royal to earn a Guaranteed EMW World Tag Team title shot which include Shady Aftermath, The Fast Food Order, Ace Ventura & “Alpha Male” Marcus Cor Von, Cheech & Chong and Dave Chappelle & Carlos Mencia.


Order Of Elimination:

-- Dave Chappelle & Carlos Mencia was eliminated when Chong dumped Mencia over the top rope.

-- Cheech & Chong was eliminated when Burger King clotheslined Cheech over the top rope.

-- Ace Ventura & “Alpha Male” Marcus Cor Von was eliminated when Eminem dumped Ace Ventura over the top rope.

-- The Fast Food Order was eliminated when Bruce Lee threw Burger King over the top rope.

-- Shady Aftermath was eliminated when Bruce Lee and Rocky Balboa threw Eminem and 50 Cent over the top rope.


In the back, Ron Burgundy interviewed The Simpson Sisters who said they were going to win the gauntlet match and become the NEW EMW Women’s Tag Team Champions.


The Vampire Slayers won a Six Team Tag Team Gauntlet Match to become the NEW EMW Women’s Tag Team Champions. Also included in the match were: EMW Women’s Tag Team Champions Fergie & Stripperella, The Simpson Sisters, MK Knockouts, Mystique & Selene, and Hilary Duff & Lita.


Order Of Decisions:

-- Mystique & Selene def. MK Knockouts via pinfall when Selene pinned Jade after the Underworld Driver

-- Hilary Duff & Lita def. Mystique & Selene via pinfall when Lita pinned Mystique after the Moonsault from the top rope.

-- Hilary Duff & Lita def. Fergie & Stripperella via pinfall when Hilary Duff pinned Fergie after the Unprettier.

-- The Vampire Slayers def. Hilary Duff & Lita via pinfall when Faith Lehane pinned Hilary Duff after the Twist Of Faith.

-- The Vampire Slayers def. The Simpson Sisters via pinfall when Buffy Summers pinned Ashlee Simpson after the Slayer’s Flight.


In the back, Joy Giovanni interviewed Alyssa Milano. Milano said, “Rose McGowan thinks that I was the egomaniac of the Charmed Ones. Hey, the reason why you joined The Charmed Ones in the first place was because you were picking up Shannon Doherty’s sloppy seconds. Tonight, I’m not only going to prove that I’m the better member of The Charmed Ones, but I’m going to make Rose my bitch!”


Alyssa Milano def. Rose McGowan via pinfall after the Wicked Slam after escaping Rose’s attempt at the Rose’s Thorn.


In the back, Joy Giovanni interviews Bud Bundy who said not only he would beat Big Show tonight but in case Kelly Bundy interferes in the match, he has a huge surprise for her tonight to make sure the odds are even.


In the back, Ron Burgundy interviewed Big Show with Kelly Bundy. Show said that Bud is thinking of false hopes thinking that he would beat Big Show tonight. Kelly said that Bud has no one to watch his back tonight and “…Bud, your rubber dolls are not going to count, either.”


Bud Bundy def. The Big Show with Kelly Bundy via pinfall after the third Bundy Stunner of the match. During the match, Kelly Bundy tried to distract the referee until a mysterious woman came from the crowd and pulled Kelly out of the ringside area. A catfight ensues afterwards between the two women. The mystery woman was revealed to be Brooke Adams. Show gets distracted from this and then Bud hits Show with a vicious chair shot that staggers him followed by the third Bundy Stunner of the match and pinned her for the win.


In the back, Ron Burgundy interviewed Marsellus Wallace about the Battle Of Pulp Fiction Loser Leaves EMW match between Vincent Vega and Jules Winfield tonight. Wallace said that Vincent Vega made the right choice when he supported him over Jules Winfield. Wallace said that he has confidence in Vincent Vega to rid EMW of Jules Winfield.


Jules Winfield def. Vincent Vega with Marsellus Wallace in a Battle Of Pulp Fiction Loser Leaves EMW Match via pinfall after the Inglewood Jack. According to the pre-match stipulation and as a result of Vega’s loss to Winfield, Vincent Vega must leave EMW. Marsellus began to berate Vega and punched him. Vega then fought back and then both Winfield and Vega attack Wallace and then threw him to the outside. Wallace walks to the back and berates Vega and Winfield. In the ring, both Vega and Winfield shook hands and then Vega raised Winfield’s arm up in victory as the crowd went nuts and chanted, “Pulp Fiction” as EMW fans just saw an end of an era here tonight.


**December 2008…EMW MegaBrawl 2…EMW invades The Land Of The Rising Sun! EMW MegaBrawl 2 LIVE from the legendary Tokyo Egg Dome in Tokyo, Japan…December 2008**


The New Gangstas def. EMW World Tag Team Champions Jay & Silent Bob in an Extreme Rules Best 2 Out Of 3 Falls Match 2-1 to become the NEW EMW World Tag Team Champions.

Results Of the falls

-- The New Gangstas won the first fall via pinfall when Ice Cube pinned Jay after a Death Valley Driver onto the Steel Chair.

-- Jay & Silent Bob won the second fall via pinfall when Silent Bob pinned Ice Cube after the Silent Bomb through the table.

-- The New Gangstas won the decisive third fall via pinfall when New Jack pinned Silent Bob after the 187.


In the back, Joy Giovanni interviewed Jessica Alba. Alba said that she is sad that she can’t be apart of the biggest event in EMW history but she’s happy of the fact that she is bringing a beautiful baby to her life. Suddenly, Hilary Duff arrived and berates Alba and said that her birth is an excuse to ducking out of the Streets Of Rage match. Lita then arrived and tells Duff to back off. Duff then said, “Whatever, you were the reason we didn’t win the Women’s tag belts, you has been bitch!” Duff then slaps Lita in the face. Then Lita fired back with a right hand. Duff and Lita then have a catfight until EMW Officials and security arrived to break the two women up.


In the back, Ron Burgundy interviews the NEW EMW World Tag Team Champions The New Gangstas who are still bloodied after the best 2 out of 3 Falls Extreme Rules Match. Ice Cube said, “To all the doubters who said that we can’t take the belts again. Well this is proof to all of you punk bitches that we can do it again.” New jack said, “We told you that we were going to bring the violence from Angel Stadium to Disneyland and we are now once again the champs. Season 2…HAHAHAHA…We ain’t going to change one bit. We are still going to bring the violence and still walk out with these belts and there ain’t a damn thing any of you punk bitches can do about it.”


Candy Cane def. EMW Vixen X Champion “Ms. Mega Event” Blaze Fielding and Carmen Electra in a Streets Of Rage match to become the NEW EMW Vixen X Champion after last knocking out Blaze Fielding after the School Driver from the top rope through the table outside the ring.


In the back, Joy Giovanni interviewed Paris Hilton. Hilton said that the time has arrived and she is looking forward to managing whoever wins in Match #5 Of the Paris Hilton Invitational and is looking forward to giving the winners a little “extra reward” after the show.


The Street Fighters def. Jackass in Match #5 Of The Paris Hilton Invitational via pinfall when Ken Masters pinned Johnny Knoxville after the Shooting Star Press from the top rope. After the match, Paris Hilton presented The Street Fighters with both steel suitcases with $1 Million each. Paris then went to raise the hands of both of the Street Fighters, but then Chun Li shows up from the crowd and attacked Paris from behind. Chun Li then hits Paris with a Scissors Kick. Ken then took the microphone and said, “We’ll take the money, but as far as you being our manager…Sorry, you need to find someone else.” In the ring The Street Fighters and Chun-Li celebrated in the ring.


In the back, Al Bundy approached Tony Montana and wished him luck in the Money In The Bank Match and told him to make Al proud out there. Bundy said that he wished to be in Montana’s corner tonight but had to focus on the Triple Threat Match tonight for the EMW World Heavyweight title tonight but has confidence in Montana to win the Money In The Bank.


Michael Jordan def. Tony Montana, EMW Intercontinental Champion The Rock, “Angry Video Game Nerd” James Rolfe, The Sandman and Jack Sparrow Money In The Bank Ladder Match to earn a Guaranteed EMW World Heavyweight Championship shot which he can cash in at anytime throughout Season 2. Jordan won the match by climbing the ladder and grabbing the briefcase hanging above the ring. Some highlights of the match include was Jack Sparrow hitting the Black Pearl Slam to The Sandman off the top of the ladder, The Rock hitting the Rock Bottom to James Rolfe off the ladder and Tony Montana hitting the Scarface Stabber to Jordan with the ladder sandwiched between both Montana and Jordan.


In the back, Ron Burgundy interviewed EMW Women’s Champion Lindsay Lohan as she made her way through the corridor. Lohan said, “Trish, you remember one thing, I am the future and you are just the past. This may perhaps be the final battle between the both of us. The EMW Women’s title is with me and it will stay that way for along time. Tonight, I finally take that big step in my path to immortality. Tonight, you will know why Lindsay Lohan is the greatest EMW Women’s Champion of all time!”


In th back, Joy Giovanni interviewed Trish Stratus who looked at Joy and said, “Joy, you hear the clock ticking?! Tick…tock…Tick…tock…That’s the sound of Lindsay’s title reign coming to an end. Lindsay, we went through hell and back getting to this point here tonight. You think I’m a has-been?! You think I don’t have the heart and desire to become Women’s Champion again?! Let me give you a history lesson, Lindsay. I won my first Women’s title back in 2001 at the same time you were in production for another straight to DVD bomb-fest. You want to doubt if I still got it?! We’ll find out in the ring and I will prove that not only that I still got it, I will win back the EMW Women’s title. Stratusfaction Guaranteed!” Trish then began to leave until Lita approached her and the two had a staredown before they shook hands and Lita said, “Remind, Lindsay who you are tonight.” Lita looks on as Trish walked away.


Trish Stratus def. EMW Women’s Champion Lindsay Lohan in a 60 Minute No DQ, No Count-out IronWoman Match after 5:23 in the Sudden Death Overtime period to become the NEW EMW Women’s Champion. The match ended in a 0-0 tie going through the whole 60 Minutes. Lohan left with the Women’s title as the crowd was chanting “Bull Shit”. EMW Owner Theo Clardy showed up and told Lindsay that the match isn’t over yet because if the match ended in a tie, the match must continue under Sudden Death Rules where the first to score a fall wins the match and is the champion. Trish won the match via pinfall after the Stratusfaction Bulldog.


Michael Buffer introduced Foo Fighters who performed “Long Road To Ruin” as a video montage featuring the Season 1 highlights of Tommy Vercetti, Blade and Al Bundy played on EMWVision.


Blade def. EMW World Heavyweight Champion Tommy Vercetti and Al Bundy in a Triple Threat Match via pinfall to become the NEW EMW World Heavyweight Champion when Blade pinned Al Bundy after The Day Walker DDT. During the match, Bundy kicked out of Tommy’s Vice City Crusher and Blade’s Blade Cutter. Vercetti kicked out of the Bundy Slam and Blade kicked out of the Bundy Slam and the Vice City Crusher. After Vercetti kicked out of the Bundy Slam, Bundy threw the referee out of the ring. Tony Montana arrives with steel chair in hand but missed Vercetti and it hit Bundy. Vercetti then threw Montana over the top rope and to the outside. Vercetti then went for the fourth Vice City Crusher but Big Show arrived and chokeslammed Vercetti. Show was going to do the same to Blade, Blade hits Show with a low blow and then hits a Day Walker DDT on Show. Bundy then attempted the Bundy Slam but Blade escapes and hits the Day Walker DDT as the referee is revived and counted the pinfall. After the match, Blade was presented the EMW World Heavyweight title as pyro explodes from the entrance stage, the top of the Angels Scoreboard and the mountains as the geysers erupted from there like the Angels just hit a game winning home run as Blade celebrated the victory as the show goes off the air.   

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