EMW Wired presents…Ruthless Intentions sponsored by Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of The Crystal Skull

Saturday May 24th, 2008

Wachovia Center

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


A display of pyro explodes on the EMW Ruthless Intentions entrance stage as the crowd goes nuts and the official theme song of EMW Ruthless Intentions “Ready, Set, Go” by Tokio Hotel playing in the background as from the broadcast booth at ringside, Fredrick James Francis and Ron Burgundy welcomed everyone to Ruthless Intentions. They ran down the complete card and then they send it to Gary Michael Coppeta for the introductions of the first match of the night.

Rose McGowan (making her EMW return) def. Avril Lavinge via pinfall after the Rose’s Thorn. After the match, Rose gets the microphone and said that she is back and she’s taking no prisoners as she goes for the EMW Vixxxen’s Championship.

In the back, Joy Giovanni interviewed Terrell Owens who said that tonight is his ultimate payday as he will become the NEW EMW Universal Champion.


Rocky Balboa with Apollo Creed def. EMW United States Champion Jack Sparrow via pinfall after the Widow Maker to become the NEW EMW United States Champion. After the match, Apollo Creed presented Balboa with the EMW Unites States Championship belt and puts the title around his waist. Balboa and Creed then celebrated in the ring.


In the back, Joy Giovanni interviewed EMW Vixxxen’s Champion Lita who said that she’s going to retain her title tonight against Hilary Duff. Lita then said that she’s a fighting champion and will take on all comers that want to take the title from her.


Hilary Duff def. EMW Vixxxen’s Champion Lita via pinfall after the Unprettier to become the NEW EMW Vixxxen’s champion. After the match, Duff placed the Vixxxen’s title on the ground and was about to hit the Unprettier on the title belt but Lita escaped and went for the Twist of Fate but Duff escaped and Duff hits Lita with a vicious DDT onto the title belt. Lita is motionless as EMTs quickly rushed to the ring to check on Lita who was bloodied and unconscious as Duff celebrates her title win.


In the back, Joy Giovanni interviewed the NEW EMW United States Champion Rocky Balboa along with Apollo Creed. Creed said that he is proud of Rocky winning the EMW United States title then asked Rocky what’s the next step since winning the US title, in which Rocky said, winning the EMW Universal title. Rocky then continued by saying, “The eye of the tiger as returned and it’s going to be difficult for any contender to get the U.S. Title off of me.”


The Sandman & Slash def. Marsellus Wallace & Agent 47 in an Extreme Rules Match via pinfall when Sandman pinned Agent 47 after the Rolling Rock.


In the back, Terrell Owens is lifting weights in his locker room and preparing for his EMW Universal Title shot against Bud Bundy later tonight.


The Socialites def. Stripperella & Lara Croft via pinfall when Paris pinned Stripperella after the Hilton Drop after Kim pushed Stripperella off the top rope as she was attempting the Lap Dance.


In the back, Joy Giovanni interviewed Bloodlust who said that they are going be the new EMW Women’s Tag Team Champions tonight. Bloodrayne then said, “Tonight, The Vampire Slayers are going to be the ones who get slayed!”


EMW Women’s Tag Team Champions The Vampire Slayers def. Bloodlust via pinfall when Buffy Summers pinned Selene after the Sunnydale DDT. After the match, both teams continue to brawl to the outside then the lights go out and a red strobe was flashing throughout the arena and when the lights went back on, The Vampire Slayers was seen drenched in blood that goes to the floor. The Vampire Slayers see this and they were pissed off that they suffered a bloodbath in the hands of Bloodlust.


From the broadcast booth, Fredrick James Francis and Ron Burgundy were joined by Wade Needham and Bobby Spade LIVE! via satellite from Anaheim, California and they discussed the next EMW OSN event entitled “Extreme Anniversary” which marks the 1 Year Anniversary of EMW. Extreme Anniversary will take place at the Honda Center in Anaheim, California on Saturday June 21st, 2008. They announced that the event is sponsored by Soul Caliber IV and Pepsi. They also announce that there will be three official theme songs to Extreme Anniversary. One of the official theme songs for EMW Extreme Anniversary is “Champion” by Kanye West from his hit album “Graduation” in stores now. They announced that the Soul Caliber IV trailer will be shown after the main event of tonight’s show.

Al Bundy def. John McClane via pinfall after a schoolboy rollup after he escapes McClane’s attempt for the Die Hard Driver and Al had both feet on the ropes without the referee looking.


In the back, Joy Giovanni interviewed Raven about the Philadelphia Street Fight up next against Tommy Vercetti. Suddenly, Tommy Vercetti attacked Raven from behind. Raven fought back and the two men brawled all the way to the ring to start the match.


Tommy Vercetti def. Raven in a Philadelphia Street Fight after the Vice City Crusher on the concrete floor at the outside of the building. During the match, both men were bloodied and brawled through the crowd, the concession stands, even the Women’s restroom where Vercetti gave Raven a swirlie on a toilet that didn’t looked to be flushed. They then brawled to the outside of the building where the match ended with Raven going for the Evenflow DDT but Vercetti hits Raven with a lowblow and then hits the Vice City Crusher for the pinfall win.


In the back, Joy Giovanni interviewed Christina Aguilera about her match against Jessica Simpson up next. Christina said “Jessica, you wanted to make an impact in EMW Wired on her own, without the help of your little sister, but tonight you will find out first hand that you chose the wrong woman to make an impact on. Tonight, you will find out how to get DIRRTY!”


Christina Aguilera def. Jessica Simpson via pinfall. In the final moments of the match, Jessica sets Christina up for the Simpson Kick but then she looked at the aisleway and sees Ashlee Simpson walking to the ring. Jessica is in shock and yells at Ashlee, “I GOT RID OF YOU! I GOT RID OF YOU!” Christina gets to her feet and rolls her up in a schoolgirl cover and gets the pinfall win. After the match, Ashlee Simpson and Christina Aguilera celebrated in the aisleway as Jessica is stunned over what just happened and threw a tantrum in the ring.


In the back, a split screen is shown of EMW Universal Champion Bud Bundy with Brooke Adams and Terrell Owens heading to the ring through different sections backstage.


A music video is shown of the events leading to the Bud Bundy vs. Terrell Owens EMW Universal Championship match with “Run” by Gnarls Barkley playing in the background.


EMW Universal Champion Bud Bundy def. Terrell Owens via pinfall after the Bundy Stunner. During the match, Raven tried to interfere but was caught by the referee and removed from ringside. Towards the end of the match, the referee was knocked out when Bud bumped into the referee after a missile dropkick by Owens to the back sending Bundy into the referee. Owen went for the pin but the referee was knocked out. Owens went for the Playmaker but Bundy escapes and then hit the Bundy Stunner. Bud went for the pin attempt, but the ref was still knocked out. Raven returned to ringside and went to hit Bud with the Evenflow DDT but Bud caught him with the Bundy Stunner. Al Bundy then arrived and blasted his son Bud with a steel chair to the back but John McClane arrived and attacked Al Bundy. The two men brawled into the crowd and all the way to the back. Meanwhile in the ring, the referee was starting to get to his feet and Owens started to make it to his feet. Bundy then hits the second Bundy Stunner for the pinfall and the win. Bud Bundy and Brooke Adams then celebrated the victory as Fredrick James Francis and Ron Burgundy thanked everyone for watching as the show went off the air. 

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