EMW Ruthless Intentions
Sunday May 17th, 2009
Sam Boyd Stadium
Las Vegas, Nevada

The show began with EMW Owner Theo Clardy is standing in his office backstage and addresses the people.

Clardy: Ladies and gentlemen, my name is Theo Clardy and I am the Owner, Founder and CEO of Extreme Madness Wrestling. Welcome everyone to EMW's Ruthless Intentions Mega Event. I would like to thank the EMW fans that are watching the event tonight on the EMW Official Website and on The Venue at Wade Needham.com. Plus I would like to thank the city of Las Vegas for having the event at the Sam Boyd Stadium in such short notice and I would like to thank the Hardcore EMW fans from Denver who traveled here to be apart of this event due to the mixup EMW had with the city of Denver, Colorado. Now to show my gratitude, I'm not going to BS the people here. I'm going to tell everyone here the truth. First off, tonight's card is going to be changed. Bud Bundy vs. "The Angry Video Game Nerd" James Rolfe will NOT happen tonight due to the fact that Bud Bundy suffered dislocated shoulder in a recent episode of EMW ShowTime. We do have a backup match for this occasion and it was scheduled to be a dark match but it has been moved up tonight and will kick off the show. Tonight, we are going to give you the best action only EMW can give you and we have got the talent that can make it happen because we have got a roster full of stars that will give their blood, sweat and tears for you the EMW fans because tonight we have some...RUTHLESS INTENTIONS!!!!!

From the broadcast booth, Michael Buffer and Tony Stark welcomed everyone to the EMW Ruthless Intentions Mega Event as "City Lights" by Method Man & Redman playing in the background as pyro shoots up from the entrance stage and the crowd going crazy.

Buffer: Ladies and gentlemen we are LIVE from the sold out Sam Boyd Stadium in Las Vegas, Nevada and we welcome you to EMW Ruthless Intentions 2008. Michael Buffer here alongside Tony Stark at ringside and we have some blockbuster matches here tonight as we have 5 huge title matches and the main event between Al Bundy and The Franchise’s Michael Jordan.

Stark: That match up should be a true classic between two EMW World Champions and two of the greats in the EMW roster. The question is will The Franchise play a role in tonight’s main event to insure that the EMW World title is heading back to The Franchise.

Buffer: Let’s not forget about the busy night in store for Eddie Murphy and Blade as not only will they have to defend the EMW World Tag Team Championship, but they have to face each other for the Internet Championship later in the night.

Stark: Eddie Murphy and Blade are two great champions here in EMW and their track record proved it. But before they have to face off, they would first have to hang onto the EMW World Tag Team titles against The Kings Of Wrestling, who since their debut in EMW have been on a mission to take the gold away from Murphy and Blade.

Buffer: What a night we have in store tonight. We have a crowd filled with Las Vegas fans and some of our hardcore fans from Denver who traveled by Shuttle Bus to get here due to the travel mixup between EMW and the city of Denver. But they made the travel here to see some great EMW action as we go to Gary Michael Capetta for the introductions for our opening matchup.

Faith Lehane def. Ashley Massaro with Tila Tequila via pinfall after the Twist Of Faith. After the match, Faith Lehane was being interviewed by Torrie Wilson in the ring.

Torrie: Faith Lehane, it was an unexpected way to make your first ever Mega Event singles debut but you have proved your worth against an experienced Ashley Massaro.

Faith: Torrie, this wasn’t my first fight to prove myself and it won’t be my last. This is the start of a new beginning for me. I am now reborn and re-focused and I promise to you, the great EMW fans here in Las Vegas and to the great EMW fans that are watching tonight. It won’t be long until I become the EMW Women’s Champion!

Faith Lehane then leaves the ring celebrating his victory.

In the back, The Franchise (Terrell Owens, Michael Jordan, Derek Jeter, Floyd “Money” Mayweather and Gina Carano) are seen arriving in the arena.

Jay & Silent Bob def. The Street Fighters (Ken Masters & Ryu Hoshi) and Tony Montana & Niko Bellic in a EMW World Tag Team Championship Qualifying Match via pinfall when Jay pinned Ryu Hoshi after the Chronic Bomb.

In the back, Torrie Wilson interviews The Human Tornado.

Torrie: Ladies and gentlemen, will you please welcome my guest at this time, The Human Tornado. Tornado, you have basically started where you last left off last year as you were on the hunt for the EMW World Heavyweight Championship. Tonight, you face former EMW World Heavyweight Champion and the leader of The Franchise, Terrell Owens with a shot at the EMW World Heavyweight Championship on the line. Do you think you can take that next step and get one step closer to become the EMW World Heavyweight Champion?!

Tornado: Torrie, not only do I think I can take the next step, I KNOW I can take that next step. Last year, I was on the hunt to becoming the EMW World Heavyweight Champion. But an injury has prevented me from accomplishing that goal. Now I’m back and on track to get the EMW World title. Terrell, tonight I’m going to treat you like the Dallas Cowboys did months ago, I’m kicking your ass out of the EMW World title hunt!

Phoenix def. Hilary Duff, Lara Croft and Emma Frost in a Fatal Four Way Match via pinfall when Phoenix pinned Hilary Duff after the Phoenix Driver to become the NEW #1 Contender for the EMW Women’s Championship.

In the back, EMW World Heavyweight Champion Al Bundy arrived at the arena and is heading to his locker room to get ready for his title defense against Michael Jordan later tonight.

Jules Winnfield def. Derek Jeter via pinfall after the Inglewood Jack after countering Jeter’s attempt at the World Series Slam.

A video package is shown of the history between Eddie Murphy and Blade which began with Eddie Murphy’s first appearance in EMW at EMW November Pain, the lead up to Eddie Murphy vs. Blade at Megabrawl 2, highlights of the match with Murphy winning the match, Murphy and Blade winning the EMW World Tag Team titles from The Street Fighters on the May 6th edition of EMW ShowTime and then the dysfunction between Blade and Murphy in the past couple of weeks. The video package ends with a staredown between Blade and Murphy.

The Kings Of Wrestling (Jimmy King & Nacho Libre) def. EMW World Tag Team Champions EMW Internet Champion Eddie Murphy & Blade with Abigail Whistler via pinfall when King pinned Murphy after Blade hits Murphy with the Day Walker DDT to become the NEW EMW World Tag Team Champions. Murphy was battling King and Libre throughout the whole match before Murphy found an opening to tag Blade and then just when Blade is in the ring, Blade tagged in Murphy and hits him with the Day Walker DDT. After the match as the Kings Of Wrestling leave with the EMW World Tag Team Belts. Blade continues his attack on Murphy and then continues to connect punches on Murphy to bust him wide open. Tommy Vercetti tried to make the save but Whistler hits Vercetti with a low blow and Blade hits Vercetti with the Blade Cutter. Blade then gets a microphone and speaks.

Blade: Get a referee here because the Internet title match begins now.

Another referee enters the ring and tells Blade that the match is for later tonight but Blade grabbed the referee and intimidate him to ring the bell and start the match.

Blade with Abigail Whistler def. EMW Internet Champion Eddie Murphy via pinfall after the Day Walker DDT just seconds after the bell rang to start the match to become the NEW EMW Internet Champion. After the match, Blade stands over a bloody and beaten Eddie Murphy and raises the Internet title high above his head as the crowd booed Blade and Whistler loudly. Blade and Whistler then leave the ring and head to the back as Medical Officials check on Eddie Murphy.

A commercial airs for EMW Extreme Anniversary which will take place Sunday June 21st, 2009 from the Honda Center in Anaheim, California. The commercial showed that there will be two Elimination Chamber matches, one for the EMW World Heavyweight Championship and one for the EMW Internet Championship.

A video promo is shown of the build-up leading to Britney Spears vs. Lindsay Lohan.

Lindsay Lohan def. Britney Spears via pinfall after the LiLoKo in mid-air after Britney went off the top rope. After the match, the rest of the dWo (Megan Fox and Jessica Alba) ran in and then it was a three on one beatdown on Spears and then Christina Aguilera and Carmen Electra ran in to even the odds. Spears, Aguilera and Electra got the better of the fight and then Spears threw Lohan to the outside. Carmen threw Fox to the outside and then Aguilera clotheslines Alba over the top rope and to the outside. Spears, Aguilera and Electra stood tall in the ring as the dWo looked on and trash talked to Spears, Aguilera and Electra from ringside before leaving to the back.

In the back, Torrie Wilson approached new EMW Internet Champion Blade and Abigail Whistler as they head back to the locker room.

Torrie: Blade, I’m still in shock over what happened earlier today. First, you betrayed your partner and lost the World Tag Team titles. Then, what happened next was unforgivable. You turned your back on the EMW Superstars that looked to you as a locker room leader and you turned your back on the fans that supported you since EMW was founded…

Blade: Enough of your talk, woman! If you think what me and Abigail did was unforgivable. There’s an old saying, “You ain’t seen nothing, yet.”

Blade and Whistler then entered the locker room and slammed the door in Torrie’s face as Torrie was in complete shock.

Bruce Lee & Rocky Balboa (Making Their EMW Return) def. The Winchester Brothers (Sam & Dean Winchester) and Code Monkeys (Dave & Jerry) in an EMW World Tag Team Championship #1 Contenders Qualifying Triple Threat Match when Bruce Lee pinned Lance Cade after the Dragon DDT. After the match, Jay & Silent Bob attacked Lee and Balboa but Lee and Balboa fought back as another referee ran in the ring and called for the bell to start the #1 Contender’s Match.

Bruce Lee & Rocky Balboa def. Jay & Silent Bob via pinfall when Bruce Lee pinned Jay after the Dragon DDT to become the #1 Contenders for the EMW World Tag Team Championship.

A video package is shown of Gina Carano’s path of destruction in EMW which include submission victories against Stripperella, Kelly Bundy and Lara Croft with the Triangle Choke. Then, footage is shown of Blaze Fielding’s EMW Women’s title reign. The video package ends with a staredown between Blaze Fielding and Gina Carano.

Gina Carano def. EMW Women’s Champion Blaze Fielding via knockout after Blaze Fielding passed out from the pain of the Triangle Choke to become the NEW EMW Women’s Champion. In the final moments of the match, Fielding hits the Blaze Of Glory Frog Splash, but when Blaze tried to pin Gina, she locked Blaze in the Triangle Choke out of nowhere. Blaze refused to tap out but she passed out and the referee called for the bell deeming that Blaze is knocked out.

In the back, a split screen is shown of Al Bundy and Michael Jordan in their respective locker rooms getting ready for the EMW World Heavyweight title match later tonight.

The Human Tornado def. Terrell Owens via pinfall after the DnD (Dat N***a Dead) to become the #1 Contender for the EMW World Heavyweight Championship. After the match, it was announced that The Human Tornado will face whoever’s the EMW World Heavyweight Champion this Wednesday on EMW ShowTime.

In the back, a video package is shown of the history leading to the EMW Women’s Tag Team Championship match between Team G4 and Xtreme Stratusfaction.

EMW Women’s Tag Team Champions Team G4 (Morgan Webb & Olivia Munn) def. Xtreme Stratusfaction (Trish Stratus & Lita) via pinfall when Olivia Munn pinned Lita after the A.T.O.C. After the match, Team G4 went over and extended their hands to Trish & Lita for a handshake. Trish & Lita then accepted the handshake, but when Trish & Lita went to leave the ring, Olivia & Morgan ATTACKED TRISH & LITA FROM BEHIND! The crowd is in complete shock as Team G4 continued their attack on Trish & Lita. Team G4 then brought in steel chairs and then Olivia hit Trish with the steel chair and Morgan hits Lita with a vicious steel chair shot. Olivia and Morgan then stood over the fallen bodies of Trish & Lita and raise up the Women’s Tag Team titles and the steel chairs as the crowd boos them loudly as the leave the ring and head to the back as EMTs check on Trish Stratus & Lita.

A video package is shown highlighting the build-up to the EMW World Heavyweight Championship match between Al Bundy and Michael Jordan with "City Lights" by Method Man & Redman playing in the background.

EMW World Heavyweight Champion Al Bundy def. Michael Jordan via pinfall after the Bundy Slam. After the match, Jordan and Bundy had a face-off then Bundy extended his hand to Jordan. At first, Jordan wanted to walk away but then had second thoughts and then Jordan went to Bundy and shook his hand. Jordan then left as Bundy celebrated his successful title defense as the show ends.

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