EMW ShowTime Presents Valentine Vengeance sponsored by BruteSports.com and Burnout: Paradise

Saturday February 23rd, 2008

Pepsi Center

Denver, Colorado


A display of pyro explodes on the Valentine Vengeance entrance stage as the crowd goes nuts and “The City Is At War” by Cobra Starship playing in the background as Wade Needham and Bobby Spade welcomed everyone to EMW ShowTime. They introduced the EMW Spanish Announce Team of Eduardo Rodriguez and Julio Fernandez who welcomed everyone to the show in Spanish. Wade & Spade then ran down the card for the event before they send it to Bob Artise to announce the opening match for Valentine Vengeance.

 Hilary Duff def. Alyssa Milano, Candy Cane, Dawn Summers, Kim Kardashian and Tila Tequila in a Six Way Dance to earn a future EMW Women’s title shot.

 Order Of Elimination:

-- Tila Tequila eliminated by Candy Cane via pinfall after the Dragonranna.
-- Kim Kardashian eliminated by Dawn Summers via pinfall after the Slayer Bomb (Gory Bomb).
-- Dawn Summers eliminated by Hilary Duff via pinfall after the Unprettier.
-- Candy Cane eliminated by Alyssa Milano via pinfall after the Wicked Slam.
-- Alyssa Milano eliminated by Hilary Duff via pinfall after a small package with Duff hanging onto the ropes behind the referee’s back.

 In the back, Gemma Atkinson interviewed “Ms. OSN” Blaze Fielding. Fielding said that this is the biggest night of her career taking on the legendary diva, Trish Stratus for the EMW Women’s Championship. Blaze said that she has proven herself since being in EMW but now she’s taking it to the next level tonight and become the new EMW Women’s Champion.

Jay & Silent Bob def. Jackass in a Ladder Match in Match #5 of the Best Of 5 Gimmick Matches when Jay knocked Bam Margera off the ladder and then grabbed the contract hanging above. Jay & Silent Bob wins the series 3-2 and earned a future World Tag Team Title shot.

 In the back, Paris Hilton is in the Shady Aftermath Locker Room setting up the balloons and the champagne. Shady Aftermath arrived and Eminem told Paris what the occasion is. Paris said that she’s been setting up a victory party for her and Shady Aftermath for tonight. 50 Cent congratulated Paris for being confident of him and Eminem. But Eminem looks at both Paris and 50 with a questionable look on his face.

 EMW Intercontinental Champion The Rock def. “Angry Video Game Nerd” James Rolfe via pinfall after the second Rock Bottom of the match to retain the EMW Intercontinental Championship.

In the back, Gemma Atkinson interviewed EMW World Heavyweight Champion Michael Jordan who said that the past two weeks; he was embarrassed by Blade and tonight will be the night that Blade would suffer the biggest humiliation of all and ruin his chance of regaining the EMW World Heavyweight title.

On EMW Vision, a message is seen saying, “The following message has been paid for by Donald Trump.” Then, EMW Wired General Manager Donald Trump is shown Live via Satellite from Trump Tower in New York City. He announced that EMW Wired will debut this coming Thursday and he announced that EMW Wired will start a March Madness Tournament in which the finals will take place at EMW Wired’s first OSN event of the same name to determine the first ever EMW Universal Champion.

“Ms. OSN” Blaze Fielding def. EMW Women’s Champion Trish Stratus via pinfall after she counters Trish’s Chick Kick and surprisingly rolls up Trish in a cradle pin to become the NEW EMW Women’s Champion.

In the back, Gemma Atkinson interviewed Fergie about what she did to Carmen Electra a couple of days ago on EMW ShowTime. Fergie says that Carmen only got a taste of what’s to come up next in their match.

Fergie def. Carmen Electra via pinfall with a schoolgirl rollup while putting her feet on the ropes without the referee knowing.

From the ringside commentary booth, Wade Needham and Bobby Spade announced that the official sponsor to EMW Wired’s first OSN event, March Madness is Midnight Club: Los Angeles from Rockstar Games exclusive to the XBOX 360 and is available March 30th, 2008. Here's the trailer

 “Alpha Male” Marcus Cor Von def. Tony Montana via Disqualification when Cor Von goes for The Pounce, Montana got out of the way and then hits Cor Von with a vicious low blow in front of the referee to cause an intentional DQ. Montana then hits the Scarface Stabber on Cor Von before he leaves the ring.

 In the back, Gemma Atkinson interviewed Blade. Blade said that on the past two weeks, he has gotten in the head of Michael Jordan and tonight, Jordan’s judgment has come and Blade says that tonight he’s taking the EMW World Heavyweight title back.

 Chun Li def. Paris Hilton and Vida Guerra in a Triple Threat Match via pinfall when Chun Li pinned Paris after the Scissors Kick.

In the back, Gemma Atkinson interviewed the NEW EMW Women’s Champion “Ms. OSN” Blaze Fielding who said that tonight was the greatest night of her life because she is now the new EMW Women’s Champion. Blaze then said, “Anyone who wants to get this title off of me better be prepared because I’m open to all challengers at anytime, anywhere because I am the EMW Women’s Champion and I AM MS. (Does RVD thumb taunt) O…S…N!!!!”

 The Street Fighters def. EMW World Tag Team Champions The New Gangstas and Shady Aftermath in a Hardcore Three Way Dance to become the NEW EMW World Tag Team Champions.

 Order of Elimination:

-- The New Gangstas eliminated by Shady Aftermath when Eminem pinned Ice Cube after the Ghetto Blaster on the steel chair.

-- Shady Aftermath eliminated by The Street Fighters when Ken Masters pinned 50 Cent after the 450 Slash off the ladder through two tables on the outside of the ring.

 After the match, Chun Li joined in on the Street Fighters World Tag Team Championship celebration as all three Street Fighters celebrated in the ring.

 In the back, a split screen is shown of both Blade and Michael Jordan walking to the ring for the EMW World Heavyweight Championship Match in separate backstage areas.

 A music video is played of the buildup between Michael Jordan and Blade with “The City Is At War” by Cobra Starship in the background which includes Blade retained the EMW World Heavyweight title in an Elimination Chamber Match at Showcase Of Champions: End Of An Era, only to lose the title to Michael Jordan (who cashed in the Money In The Bank privilege) minutes later. It also shown Jordan’s attack on Blade on the January 31st edition of EMW ShowTime after Blade won the EMW World title shot in a Fatal Four Way Match, Blade hitting the Blade Cutter on Jordan on the February 7th edition of EMW ShowTime, Blade hitting the Day Walker DDT on Jordan after the Blade/Rock vs. Jordan/Rolfe match and Blade disguise as a band drum player to attack Blade during Jordan’s pre-match celebration on the February 21st edition of EMW Showtime. The video ends with a split screen of Jordan and Blade.

EMW World Heavyweight Champion Michael Jordan def. Blade via pinfall to retain the EMW World Heavyweight Championship. In the final moments of the match, Blade went for the Blade Cutter but was pushed to the referee but Blade stopped the momentum to prevent him from knocking down the referee. Jordan then goes for the 23 Kick but Blade ducked and the kick hit the referee, knocking him down. Jordan then turned around and Blade hits the Day Walker DDT. Blade goes for the cover but discovers that the referee was knocked out cold. Then suddenly, a hooded man jumped the guard barrier and slides to the ring. He then gets in a three point stance and then when Blade turned around the hooded man rushed and SPEARED BLADE!!!! The hooded man took off his jacket to reveal it’s…BOBBY LASHLEY!!!! Lashley then picks up Jordan on puts him on top of Blade and then revived the referee. The referee is barely awakened made the three count. After the match, Lashley helped Jordan to his feet and handed him the EMW World Title. Blade and Lashley then celebrated as the crowd is booing loudly and Wade Needham said, “Bobby Lashley is in EMW…But what is the meaning for his alliance with Michael Jordan?!” The show ends with Jordan and Lashley celebrating in the ring.


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