EMW Presents Valentine Vengeance
Sunday February 22nd, 2009
Louisiana SuperDome
New Orleans, Louisiana

The camera opened on a dark arena and a spotlight fell on the center of the ring and EMW Ring Announcer Gary Michael Capetta who turned everyone’s attention to the entrance stage when he introduced Common who performed “Universal Mind Control” as highlights from the past month of action in EMW played on Extreme-Vision. After the performance, from the broadcast table at ringside, Michael Buffer & Tony Stark welcomed everyone to the Valentine Vengeance Mega Event as Common’s “Universal Mind Control” is playing in the background.

Buffer: Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the first EMW mega event of 2009! Welcome to Valentine Vengeance 2009! Michael Buffer here with Tony Stark at ringside and tonight we have a blockbuster card but the main focus is tonight’s main event, the first ever Ultimate Jeopardy match as the EMW World Heavyweight Champion Al Bundy, his son Bud Bundy and Jules Winnfield take on The Franchise.

Stark: It is a match that none of the six participants want to lose and it is a match that either team wants to win because the person that suffers the lost will have to suffer his own faith to the entire EMW World tonight. It should be one hell of a match a one hell of a night we have in store tonight!

“Ms. OSN” Blaze Fielding def. “Ms. Money In The Bank” Carmen Electra and Hilary Duff in a Triple Threat Match via pinfall when Fielding pinned Electra after the Blaze Of Glory Frog Splash to win the Money In The Bank Suitcase and earn an EMW Women’s title shot at anytime during Season 3.

In the back, The Bundys (EMW World Heavyweight Champion Al Bundy, Bud Bundy & Kelly Bundy) & Jules Winnfield were shown arriving to the arena earlier in the evening.

EMW Internet Champion Blade def. 50 Cent via pinfall after the Day Walker DDT to retain the EMW Internet Championship. During the match, Abrigail Whistler was shown sitting at ringside for the match. During the match, the referee was checking on Blade as 50 Cent got a steel chair from the outside but then Whistler jumped the barricade and yanked the chair from 50 Cent.  Whistler and 50 Cent got to an argument then 50 Cent turned around and was hit with the Day Walker DDT for the victory. After the match, Whistler got in the ring and celebrated with Blade and the two left ringside together.

In the back, Torrie Wilson interviews Ashley Massaro & Tila Tequila.

Torrie: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome team that will face The Vampire Slayers momentarily, Ashley Massaro and Tila Tequila! Tonight…

Ashley: Torrie, save it! Ever since me and Tila has been in EMW all the fans, the superstars and even the backstage people ever do is disrespect us and our talent in the ring. We are better than that and we are better than anyone that has said that garbage behind our backs.

Tila: That’s right, Ashley! We are the Rock Starz of EMW and we go by our own path and our own journey and tonight our journey begins when we destroy the team that everyone in EMW has praised so much, The Vampire Slayers!

Ashley: Tonight, we are going to prove that we belong in EMW and make The Vampire Slayers our personal bitches!

The Vampire Slayers (Buffy Summers & Faith Lehane) def. The Rock Starz (Ashley Massaro & Tila Tequila) via pinfall when Buffy Summers pinned Tila Tequila with a rollup. During the match, the referee was separating Faith Lehane and Ashley Massaro from brawling as Tila had Buffy up for the Tequila Shot but Buffy reverse it with a rollup for the pinfall and the win. After the match, The Vampire Slayers extended their hands to Ashley and Tila, but they refused and were going to leave the ring but The Vampire Slayers stopped them, turned them around and extended their hands again. Ashley and Tila shook their hands and The Vampire Slayers went to leave the ring but The Rock Starz attacked The Slayers from behind. Ashley then locked in a Boston Crab on Buffy Summers as Tila Tequila locked in a Triangle Choke on Faith Lehane. Security officials, Stripperella and Jessica Alba ran in to separate the Rock Stars from The Vampire Slayers. The Rock Stars then went to leave the ring but then The Rock Starz changed their mind and attacked Stripperella and Jessica Alba from behind and then Ashley locked in the Boston Crab on Stripperella and Tila locking in the Triangle Choke on Jessica Alba. The Vampire Slayers recovered enough to break up the holds. The Rock Starz slipped out of the ring as The Vampire Slayers helped Stripperella and Jessica Alba to their feet.

In the parking lot, The Franchise (Terrell Owens, Barry Bonds, Michael Jordan & Brooke Adams) & The Masked Woman were shown arriving to the arena.

Eddie Murphy def. “Angry Video Game Nerd” James Rolfe via pinfall after the 2nd Beverly Hills Crusher of the match.

Tommy Vercetti walked out of the locker room and makes his way to the ring. Then Eddie Murphy, who just walked out from the curtain approached Vercetti and the two men shook hands.

Vercetti: Great match, man!

Murphy: Thanks! Kick some ass tonight!

Vercetti: Oh you know I will, Eddie!

Vercetti then walks out of the curtain and makes his way to the ring for the EMW Internet Championship #1 Contender’s Match against Tony Montana up next.

Tony Montana def. Tommy Vercetti via pinfall after the Scarface Stabber to become the #1 Contender for the EMW Internet Championship. During the match, Vercetti had Montana in position for the Vice City Crusher but NIKO BELLIC came from the crowd and went to the apron to get Vercetti’s attention long enough for Montana to recover and hit the Scarface Stabber for the pinfall victory. After the match, Montana and Bellic start to beat upon Vercetti until Eddie Murphy ran in and cleared Montana and Bellic out of the ring with a steel chair. Montana and Bellic celebrate what they have done as Murphy checked on Vercetti.

In the back, Torrie Wilson interviewed Christina Aguilera.

Torrie: Christina Aguilera, in just moments you have a chance to become the EMW Women’s Champion as you face not only your former friend but the leader of the Diva World Order in Britney Spears. Now you have been a former member of the dWo yourself so that may work to your advantage on what to expect tonight.

Christina: Well you are right about that, Torrie. I had been apart of the original dWo but that was then and this is now. I’m a whole new woman compared to the Christina that was in the dWo. But I know what to expect from Britney and the dWo and that will be my advantage because for tonight, I won’t be playing by the book. Tonight, I may get a little…DIRTY!

Christina Aguilera def. EMW Women’s Champion Britney Spears via disqualification when EMW Women’s Tag Team Champions Lindsay Lohan & Jessica Simpson ran in and interfered in the match. After the match, the dWo continue to beat up Christina Aguilera until Team G4 ran in to make the save and cleared the ring of the dWo. EMW Commissioner Ari Gold then arrived on the entrance stage with microphone in hand.

Gold: Since we got the participants for the Women’s Tag Team title match are ready to compete, let’s get a referee here and we will have the match RIGHT NOW!

A referee is rushed in as Britney and Christina are being escorted to the back by security and the referee called for the bell to start the match.

Team G4 (Morgan Webb & Olivia Munn) def. EMW Women’s Tag Team Champions Lindsay Lohan & Jessica Simpson in an Extreme Rules Match via pinfall when Morgan Webb pinned Jessica Simpson after the X-Play Replay to become the NEW EMW Women’s Tag Team Champions as Jay was eying Torrie Wilson up and down.

In the back, Torrie Wilson interviews Jay & Silent Bob about their upcoming match against EMW World Tag Team Champions Code Monkeys for the EMW World Tag Team titles momentarily.

Torrie: Jay…Silent Bob…We now know that the Women’s Tag Team titles have changed hands and it may be a sign for the both of you to become the World Tag Team Champions in moments when you take on The Code Monkeys.

Jay: Baby, I could care less about what happened earlier, what time you get off?!

Silent Bob then slaps Jay on the back and signals him to be focused on tonight’s match.

Jay: Oh, right the match up next. Well the truth is that me and lunchbox here have been in the game for a long time and have won tag team titles everywhere we go. Yet, we got these two little punks that think they can succeed in EMW on our dime. Tonight, they have another thing coming because we will beat the crap out of those two punks, sent them home to their moms and then we get the tag team titles once again. Come on, Silent Bob time for us to get paid! Snoogins!

Jay & Silent Bob then leave but not before Jay signals Torrie to call him and Torrie looked on in disgust.

EMW World Tag Team Champions Code Monkeys (Dave & Jerry) def. Jay & Silent Bob via pinfall when Dave pinned Silent Bob after the Sliced Bread #2. After the match, Jay & Silent Bob attacked The Code Monkeys and then left the ring with the EMW World Tag Team title belts.

On Extreme-Vision, a video package airs of the events leading to the Phoenix vs. Emma Frost match.

Phoenix (Making her EMW Debut) def. Emma Frost via pinfall after the Phoenix Driver. After the match, Phoenix dragged Frost out of the ring and carried her all the way to the entrance stage and then she chokeslammed her off the stage and through the tables below. Phoenix then looked on at her work as the crowd was chanting “Holy S**t!” and “EMW!” Phoenix then did a pose and fire shoots up from the stage and afterwards Phoenix disappears as EMTs check on the condition of Emma Frost.

From the broadcast table at ringside, Michael Buffer announced that the next EMW Mega Event EMW Gold Quest will take place Sunday March 22nd from Dolphin Stadium in Miami, Florida.

On Extreme-Vision, a video package was shown of the events leading to the Ultimate Jeopardy Six Man Tag Team Match up next. Afterwards, the rules & stipulations were explained on the Ultimate Jeopardy Match for tonight.

Rules Of The Ultimate Jeopardy Match:
-- No Disqualifications
-- No Countouts
-- Texas Tornado Tag Team Style
-- Winner decided via pinfall, submission or knockout
-- Whoever suffers the pinfall loss, will suffer his own fate.

Stipulations For The Ultimate Jeopardy Match:
-- If Al Bundy Loses, he loses the EMW World title to the man that defeats him.
-- If Bud Bundy loses, he will become Brooke Adams’s personal servant for 30 Days.
-- If Jules Winnfield loses, he gets his head shaved bald.
-- If Michael Jordan loses, he leaves The Franchise.
-- If the Franchise Mystery Partner loses, the Masked Woman that attacked Kelly Bundy will be unmasked.
-- If Terrell Owens loses, The Franchise is disbanded.

“We Fly High (Ballin’)” by Jim Jones hits as Terrell Owens & Michael Jordan make their way to the ring to some monster heat from the crowd. Once they arrived to the ring, Owens grabbed a microphone and addresses the crowd.

Owens: New Orleans, Louisiana…Take a look at true greatness in The Franchise! Now as everyone knows, Barry Bonds was fired from EMW and we are left without a third man for the match. Luckily for me and MJ, we already contacted the man that will be not only the third man here tonight but the newest member of The Franchise. So ladies and gentlemen, I am proud to introduce to you our partner and the newest member of The Franchise…DEREK JETER!

“New York, New York” by Frank Sinatra hits as Derek Jeter makes his way to the ring to some major heat from the crowd as the chant, “Jeter sucks!” Jeter enters the ring and shook the hands of Jordan and Owens before Owens handed Jeter the microphone and Jeter addresses the crowd.

Jeter: Thank you, T.O. for the warm welcome here in EMW. You see when Terrell called me on the phone after Barry Bonds was sent his walking papers in EMW. I know this was an opportunity I can’t say no to. I’m a part of a group that is rich with the greatest athletes in EMW. Let’s face it New Orleans, us being here is the closest this city has been to a championship!

The crowd boos that statement and Jeter laughs at the comment as Jeter continued.

Jeter: So right now, we are going to show everyone here what true champions perform as we take care of these three scrubs in easy…

“Sad But True” by Metallica hits as Bud Bundy makes his way down the ramp before stopping at ringside. Then “Misirlou” by Dick Dale & The Del Tones as Jules Winnfield makes his way down the ramp and joins Bud Bundy at ringside and then “Bad To The Bone” by George Thorogood hits as EMW World Heavyweight Champion Al Bundy makes his way down the ramp before joining his son Bud Bundy & Jules Winnfield. Ring Announcer Gary Michael Cappetta then has the microphone to make the in-ring introductions.

Cappetta: Introducing first, Team #1, from Dallas, Texas, Chicago, Illinois and New York City, New York respectively, weighing in at a combined weight of 673 pounds…Terrell Owens…Michael Jordan and Derek Jeter…THE FRANCHISE!!”

The Franchise got some big heel heat from the crowd.

Cappetta: And their opponents, at a combined weight of 695 pounds. First from Inglewood, California…JULES WINNFIELD! And his partners, from Chicago, Illinois…Bud Bundy and the EMW World Heavyweight Champion Al Bundy…THE BUNDYS!

After the introductions, both teams brawled in the ring and bell rang to start the match.

EMW World Heavyweight Champion Al Bundy, Bud Bundy & Jules Winnfield def. The Franchise (Terrell Owens, Barry Bonds & Derek Jeter) in an Ultimate Jeopardy Match via submission when Al Bundy made Jeter tap out to the Bundy Lock to retain the EMW World Heavyweight Championship. With Jeter taking the submission loss, the masked woman would have to be unmasked. During the match, Bundy hit Jeter with the Bundy Slam as Bud Bundy, Terrell Owens, Jules Winnfield and Michael Jordan were brawling on the outside. Then the masked woman tried to interfere but Bundy hit her with the Bundy Slam. After the match, the masked woman got to her feet and realized that she had to be unmasked. At first she didn’t want to do it but it was announced that if she didn’t go through with the stipulation, all members of The Franchise will be fined and suspended and the Masked Woman would be arrested on the spot. Eventually, the masked woman took off her mask to reveal its GINA CARANO! Kelly Bundy then ran in the ring and went after Carano but Carano dropped Kelly with a release Belly To Belly Suplex. Carano then applied a Triangle Choke on Kelly as The Bundys and Jules Winnfield tried to save Kelly but Owens, Jordan and Bonds got steel chairs and knocked down The Bundys & Jules Winnfield. The Franchise & Gina Carano then celebrated in the ring as the crowd boos them loudly as the show ends.
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