EMW ShowTime Presents…Vicious Intent Sponsored by Grand Theft Auto 4

Saturday April 24th, 2008

Amway Arena

Orlando, Florida


A display of pyro explodes on the EMW Vicious Intent entrance stage as the crowd goes nuts and the official theme song of EMW Vicious Intent “When Angles & Serpents Dance” by P.O.D. playing in the background as from the broadcast booth, Wade Needham and Bobby Spade welcomed everyone to EMW Vicious Intent. Needham and Spade ran down the card for the night including the Hell’s Playground Hell In A Cell Main Event match for the EMW World Heavyweight Championship.


In the parking lot, EMW Owner and temporary EMW ShowTime General Manager Theo Clardy arrived to the arena in a black hummer limousine. Mary Elizabeth Winstead appeared and asked Clardy on the shocking trade that sent Hilary Duff to EMW Wired just 24 Hours before the event. Clardy then said, “Well, for some unknown reason, I was informed that there was a trade that happened just before Ari Gold’s leave of absence that sends Hilary Duff to EMW Wired. Now I have hyped up a Triple Threat Match for the Women’s title tonight and I will not disappoint. As a matter fact, the woman that was traded to EMW ShowTime in exchange for Hilary Duff will take Duff’s spot in the Triple Threat Women’s title Match tonight.”


Carmen Electra won a Six Woman over the Top Rope Battle Royal to become the #1 Contender for the EMW Women’s Championship. Other Participants were Alyssa Milano, Emma Frost, Stacy Keibler, Molly Holly (EMW Debut) and Judy Nailz (EMW Debut).

Order Of Elimination:

-- Stacy Keibler was eliminated by Molly Holly when Holly threw Keibler over the top rope

-- Judy Nailz eliminated by Alyssa Milano when Milano clothesline Nailz over the top rope.

-- Alyssa Milano and Emma Frost eliminated each other when Milano clothesline Frost over the top rope but Frost hanged onto Milano and sent her over with her.

-- Molly Holly eliminated by Carmen Electra after Electra hits the Electra Kick sending Holly over the top rope and to the outside.


In the back, Mary Elizabeth Winstead interviewed EMW Intercontinental Champion Jules Winfield about his upcoming match against Tony Montana. Winfield said, “You know, Mary, I take one good look at Tony Montana and he talks a good game, he walks like he has the entire world on his little pinky and claims that everything in the world is his. Well that’s the same bullshit I see from other thugs and punks walking around the Los Angeles area until they deal with me and then they become the cowards I knew they become. Montana’s no different from the rest of the scum I deal with in LA. Montana, you think everything belongs to you including the EMW Intercontinental Championship, well I’m about to send you to a crash course in reality because you don’t own a damn thing. I’ve worked hard to make a name for myself in the singles game after Pulp Fiction was no more and I will continue to make a name for myself as I sent Montana back to Cuba with the knowledge that he has suffered the worst ass beating of his life in the hands of the baddest muthafcka on the planet!” After Winfield walked away, Mary said, “Well those are some strong and heartfelt words from the EMW Intercontinental Champion, but will he back it up in the ring against Tony Montana?! Well, we are going to find out. Wade, Bobby, back to you.”


EMW Intercontinental Champion Jules Winfield def. Tony Montana via pinfall after Bobby Lashley accidentally speared Montana while “Angry Video Game Nerd” James Rolfe was distracting the referee. Jules then dropkick Lashley to the outside and knocked Rolfe off the corner and pinned Montana for the pinfall victory. After the match, Winfield was attacked by Rolfe and Lashley from behind. They continue to attack Winfield until Tony Montana arrived with a steel chair and cleared them out the ring. Montana then helped Winfield up but Winfield was cautious at first and from the broadcast booth, Wade said, “I can’t blame Jules here, you don’t know if you can trust Montana. Montana dropped the steel chair as Lashley and Rolfe left ringside and extended his hand. Winfield was still cautious but then he shook Montana’s hand and Montana raised Winfield’s arm as Winfield raised the IC title high above his head. From the broadcast booth, Spade said, “Well this is very rare, Montana showing some respect to the man that defeated him tonight.” Wade then said, “Well maybe, Montana believed that Jules earned Montana’s respect and that would take a lot to do that.”


In the parking lot, a limousine has pulled up to the arena, but no one has stepped out of the limo. From the broadcast booth, Wade Needham said, “Well who’s inside the limo?! Maybe it’s Hilary Duff’s replacement for the Triple Threat Women’s title match tonight or it could be for something else.”


John McClane def. Ash Williams in a Debut Match (Both men making their EMW Debuts) via pinfall after the Die Hard Driver (Dreamer Driver)


From the broadcast booth, Wade Needham and Bobby Spade send it to EMW Wired’s Fredrick James Francis and Ron Burgundy from the NGW/EMW West Coast Offices in Anaheim, California to talk about EMW Wired’s next OSN Event.

From NGW/EMW West Coast Offices in Anaheim, California, Fredrick James Francis and Ron Burgundy announced the next EMW Wired OSN event is entitled, Ruthless Intentions and it will take place Saturday May 24th from the Wachovia Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Burgundy then announced tat the official sponsor of Ruthless Intentions is Paramount Picture’s Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of The Crystal Skull starring Harrison Ford in theaters May 22nd.

Tila Tequila def. Candy Cane via pinfall after the Tequila Shot. During the match, the camera focused on a woman in the front row dressed in a teacher outfit. From the broadcast booth, Bobby Spade pointed out that the woman is Candy Cane’s former teacher Miss Spencer. After the match, Miss Spencer entered the ring and confronted Candy Cane. She was trying to tell Cane something, but when Cane turned and looked at her, Cane told her to not get involved in her business and then leaves the ring. Spencer then followed Cane to the back.


In the back, Mary Elizabeth Winstead interviewed Bruce Lee about his bad luck in EMW and if the Triple Threat Match tonight to determine the #1 Contender for the EMW Intercontinental Championship will change things around. Lee said, “Mary, I have been an honorable warrior and I don’t look at my matches as wins or losses but lessons for me to get better. Tonight, I will learn another important lesson…A Lesson that will lead me to the EMW Intercontinental Championship.” Bruce Lee then leaves.


Shady Aftermath def. the New Gangstas with Vida Guerra and Clerks in a Hardcore Three Way Dance to become the #1 Contenders to the EMW World Tag Team Championship.


Order Of Elimination:

-- Clerks eliminated by The New Gangstas via pinfall when New Jack pinned Randall Graves after the 187.

-- The New Gangstas eliminated by Shady Aftermath via pinfall when Eminem pinned New Jack. Eminem was charging after New Jack with a Sledgehammer but New Jack ducked and took Eminem down with a clothesline. Vida Guerra then grabbed the Sledgehammer and tells New Jack that she has the Sledgehammer. When New Jack turned around, VIDA HITS NEW JACK IN THE BACK WITH THE SLEDGEHAMMER!!!! Eminem then hits the Ghetto Blaster on New jack or the win. After the match, Ice Cube was yelling at Vida over what she did but then was knocked out from behind with a sledgehammer shot by 50 Cent. Shady Aftermath and their new friend, Vida Guerra then celebrated in the ring as the crowd booed loudly and The New Gangstas were helped out of the ring.


In the parking lot, the limo that arrived earlier tonight now has the door opened. From the broadcast booth, Wade Needham said that that someone had stepped out of the limo but the cameras didn’t pick up who was in the limo.


It was time for the Triple Threat Match for the EMW Women’s Championship. Both Trish Stratus and EMW Women’s Champion “Ms. OSN” Blaze Fielding made their entrances to the ring. Then EMW Owner and Interim EMW ShowTime General Manager Theo Clardy and announces the participant that was sent to EMW ShowTime via a trade that had sent Hilary Duff to EMW Wired…LINDSAY LOHAN!!!!


Lindsay Lohan def. EMW Women’s Champion “Ms. OSN” Blaze Fielding and Trish Stratus in a Triple Threat Match via pinfall when Lohan pinned Fielding the LiLoKO after Bobby Lashley arrived and pushed Blaze off the top rope as “Angry Video Game Nerd” James Rolfe is arguing with the referee. After the match, Lohan, Lashley and Rolfe celebrated on the rampway. From the announce booth at ringside, Wade Needham claimed that Lohan has joined The Dynasty.


In the back, Mary Elizabeth Winstead interviewed Blade about the Hell’s Playground Match for the EMW World Heavyweight Championship tonight. Blade said that it doesn’t matter how many people he will face or what kind of match he’s in. He is focused on getting the EMW World Heavyweight Championship back tonight!


EMW World Tag Team Champions The Street Fighters with Chun Li def. Jay & Silent Bob via pinfall when Ryu Hoshi pinned Jay after the 450 Splash from the top rope. After the match Justice came from the crowd, entered the ring and was going to attack The Street Fighters from behind with a lead pipe but Chun Li attacked Justice. Jay & Silent Bob then dragged Justice out of the ring and they head to the back while The Street Fighters and Chun Li celebrated in the ring.


Bruce Lee def. Simon Cowell and “Alpha Male” Marcus Cor Von in a Triple Threat Match when Lee pinned Cowell after the Dragon DDT to become the #1 Contender for the EMW Intercontinental Championship.


From ringside, ring announcer Bob Artise introduced EMW Owner and interim EMW ShowTime General Manager Theo Clardy, who arrived to a good pop from the crowd. Clardy then said, “On July 21st, it will be the EMW 1 Year Anniversary event entitled Extreme Homecoming and it will take place at the place where EMW had began, Honda Center in Anaheim, California. It will mark the first event since Showcase Of Champions: End Of An Era that superstars from ShowTime and Wired will be in the same place. That is not the only reason why I came to the ring tonight. The reason is that Extreme Homecoming will be the first event that will make EMW’s transition from F-Fed to CAW! EMW Extreme Homecoming will mark as EMW’s first ever Click Per View which will be seen first on OSportsNet.com and then two days later on the BruteSports.com Station Forums. Thank you all very much and enjoy the main event tonight.” Clardy then leaves and heads to the back.


From the broadcast booth at ringside, Wade Needham and Bobby Spade explained the rules to the Hell’s Playground Match for the EMW World Heavyweight Championship.

-- Match will be inside a Hell In A Cell.

--The only way to be eliminated is via knockout until there are only two people left.

-- After four are eliminated the person who scores the pinfall or submission will become the EMW World Heavyweight Champion.


Blade def. EMW World Heavyweight Champion Michael Jordan, “Angry Video Game Nerd” James Rolfe, Human Tornado, The Rock and Bobby Lashley in a Hell’s Playground Match to become the NEW EMW World Heavyweight Champion.


Order Of Elimination:

-- James Rolfe eliminated by The Human Tornado via knockout after the Tornado DDT onto a steel chair.

-- Human Tornado eliminated by Bobby Lashley via knockout after Lashley  Gorilla Press Dropped Tornado off the Cell through the Spanish Announce Table.

-- Bobby Lashley and The Rock eliminated each other via knockout as The Rock hits the Rock Bottom on Lashley off the cell and the two men landed on through the announce booth where Wade Needham and Bobby Spade were at.

-- Michael Jordan was eliminated by Blade via knockout. In the final moments of the match, Blade and Jordan were brawling on top of the Hell In A Cell. Jordan went for the Buzzer Beater but Blade hits Jordan with a Low Blow. Blade then hits the Day Walker DDT through the HIAC roof and sent both men straight to the mat. The referee was giving the count to both men and both men were slowly getting to their feet until Blade barely gets up at the count of ten as Jordan went down. Blade was handed the EMW World Heavyweight title after the match and with whatever energy he had left celebrated in the ring to end the show.

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