Roll Call Of Champions 

OCW Pacific Champion
Kevin Pereria
1. Noah Antwiler
2.Matt Hazard
3. Kingpin
4. Patrick Bateman
5. Angry Joe

OCW Starlets Champion
Kara Kent
1. Bella Swan
2. Candy Suxx
3. Riley Steele
4. Bayonetta
5. Sara Underwood

OCW Pacific Tag Team Champions
Bulk & Skull
1. Wayans Brothers
2. Saved By The Bell
3. The Jersey Shore
4.  Impulse & Angry Joe

 Male Roster

       A.C. Slater                    Angry Joe                        Bulk

        Frodo Baggins           Kevin Pereria                      Kingpin

           Marlon Wayans              Matt Hazard                Noah Antwiler

        Patrick Bateman               Pauly D                   Sam Witwicky

       Shawn Wayans               The Situation                              Skull

                  Zack Morris

Female Roster

         Bayonetta                  Bella Swan            Cameron Phillips
          Candy Suxx                Claire Bennet                 IJustine

                Kara Kent                    Ke$ha                      Riley Steele

       Sara Underwood                    X-23
Tag Teams

        Bulk & Skull                Jersey Shore           Saved By The Bell
        Wayans Brothers

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